Dog Training Classes

All our classes are held at Higher Walton Community Centre,

Higher Walton Road, Higher Walton, Preston, PR5 4HU.

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Our classes run every Thursday and Friday evening, and daytimes on the 3rd Saturday of each month. There is parking available in front of the centre and additional parking across the road.

Numbers are kept to a maximum of 5 so that you benefit from personal attention from the instructor. Each class lasts for 50 minutes, and they are run in monthly blocks.

Pet Perfection Programme

Just bought a Puppy and don't know where to start? Hit the land shark stage of puppy ownership? Your Adolescent Dog gone deaf? Want to walk down the street instead of being dragged? Or Do you want to build on the training you have already started?

Then this is the class for you!

We will help you train your dog a range of behaviours and skills, including: getting and keeping their attention, to come back when you call, walk nicely on a lead, toilet training, settle on their bed, socialisation, stop jumping up food manners and leave it.

Classes are also a great way to socialise your dog and also a great way for you to work on keeping your dog engaged with you, with distractions, in a friendly and social atmosphere.

All our training is offered in a fun and rewarding way using games, tricks, play and food!


Does your dog like to sniff? Can't keep their nose off the floor? Can't settle no matter how much exercise you do together? Looking for an enrichment activity? Is your dog a little anxious and you would like to build their confidence?

Then why not make use your dogs most powerful, natural sense, in a fun way!

It is said that TEN minutes of sniffing is MORE tiring than ONE hour of running!

So, with support and training from our fully qualified Scentwork Instructors, these classes are guaranteed to tire your dog out!

We run both Introduction and Advanced sessions, and dogs of all breeds and ages are welcome to join.

Each session works on building or improving your indication, using a mix of games and rewards. Teaching search patterns, how to start searching new or novel items and environments, and all at your own dogs pace!

With prior arrangement we can also accommodate anxious or reactive dogs in these classes, as each dog can be worked one at a time!

You have the choice of scents to train your dog to find, so whether you are looking to teach them for fun or for competition, we can meet your requirements.

Class numbers are kept to a maximum of 5 so that you benefit from personal attention from the instructor and each class lasts for 50 minutes, and are run in monthly blocks. Throughout the year we also hold themed, Train and Test and friendly competition sessions.


Do you want to take you training to the next level? Like learning in a fun and relaxing environment? Would love to learn how to achieve that close heelwork you see at Crufts? Get a lightening fast recall? Love precision and details? Enjoy a challenge?

Then our Obedience Sessions are for you!

They are open to anyone interested in taking their training to the next level, or are interested in learning the skills for competition, wanting to build the foundations they already have, are already competing or if you really love a challenge!

Each session is split into skills sections and can include:

Foundations: Engagement, heel position, basic positions, reward placement, static positions, presents and dogs body position.

Movement: How to go from statics to moving, keeping attention, high trot/flicky feet, pivots and turns, positions and reward placement.

Active exercises: Recall, retrieve, send away, how to keep obedience fun!

Class numbers are kept to a maximum of 4 so that you benefit from personal attention from the instructor and each class lasts for 50 minutes, and are run in monthly blocks.


Would you like to do something different with your dog? Watched Britain's Got Talent and want to give it a go? Have a dog who loves to learn but stuck on what you could teach them? Want to up your training game?

Then our Tricks class is perfect!

Our tricks classes are aimed at all abilities and open to all breeds and ages.

Each month has a theme, with each week adding in something new, and then we work on linking tricks together so that by the end of the month you will have the skills to put together a mini trick routine!

Each trick can be altered to be suitable for all skill levels, can be adapted or can be broken down into smaller steps or made harder. So whether you are brand new to tricks or an old hand, you can all learn new skills!

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