About Us

Here at Nell and Co we have been working with dogs for over 20 years, so you can be confident that your dog is in safe hands!

We currently own four dogs. These are mostly made up of Terriers and Terrier mixes. We love the tenacity, drive and enthusiasm that Terriers have. They love life and love learning. They have also driven us to become better trainers! As what works for training one, might not work for the others! They are prey driven, they like to think all training should be on their terms, they have a knack of acting like they have no idea what you are asking them to do, they have a little too much enthusiasm sometimes and they have the biggest attitudes!

(They also have their own individual biography pages HERE!)

All these things have helped us to become better trainers because we have to be able to think outside the box, so that each dog has the best chance of reaching their full potential!

So, why did we become a Dog trainer? 

We became a Dog Trainer because of our own experience of owning a reactive dog. 

When you own a dog that doesn't particularly like other dogs, it can be a hard and lonely journey. You can't take them to a class, so miss out on the social aspect of dog ownership. You spend most of your time avoiding other people and dogs, or hiring secure fields. Then there is so much conflicting advice online about how and what to train... It's a complete minefield! 

So we decided to take our training into our own hands!

We initially started by borrowing a dog and attending classes run by another dog trainer, who then offered us a volunteer position so that we could gain experience and skills whilst helping out running some of their classes.

Whilst there we attended a couple of different Scentwork workshops to learn more about it. 

As it turns out, Scentwork is an amazing way to build confidence in a dog, especially reactive or anxious ones, as each dog can work individually and you also don't need any special or expensive equipment to participate. You can learn and train at home or as part of a class, it's portable and all progress is all at your dogs own pace.

 Perfect when you own a reactive dog!

We qualified as a Scentwork instructor in 2018 and started running our own classes and workshops, then we discovered Mantrailing. 

 This was another sport that our reactive dog COULD participate in and similarly to Scentwork, each dog is worked individually and you don't need any specialist equipment! You can run it in any location, in almost any weather, day or night. It can be adapted for any age, breed and ability (human or canine!). So that is why we became a Mantrailing Instructor.

Over the past few years we have travelled all over the country offering workshops and sessions, completed more qualifications, taken more assessments and regularly complete CPD so that you can be assured you are receiving the highest quality training.

All of our dogs, classes and training are force free and reward based, using both food and toy/play rewards. Most dogs will love at least one of those things, so we can use that to our advantage! We look at it as, if we want paying for working, then the dogs should be paid (or rewarded) for working too . 

Alongside running our classes and workshops, we compete in the International K9 Toss and Fetch League and both Kennel Club Obedience and The British Competitive Obedience Society competitions.

We especially love Obedience! We like the precision, the relationship and trust you build, the skills you need to be able to break down each exercise and how to keep it fun and interesting so that you and your dog can work as a confident team. 

We train regularly throughout the year with a variety of other handlers and Instructors , are a member of Newton Heath Dog Training Club and we were also part of the Northern Team at the Inter Regional Obedience Competition at Crufts 2022.

We like to try and keep both our personal and professional training varied and interesting, not just for the dogs but for ourselves too! 

Our Qualifications

IMDT Learning, Motivation and Reinforcement - Level 3 - 2017

UK Sniffer Dogs Bronze Instructor - October 2018

Mantrailing UK Instructor - July 2019

Canine Hoopers World Instructor - August 2019

SOCS 30 Days Of Canine Science - September 2019

Canine First Aid Paw and Pad Injuries - July 2020

Scentwork UK Instructor - August 2020

Advanced Canine First Aid - September 2020

Mantrailing UK Assessor - November 2020

Canine Principles - Loose Lead Walking - September 2021

Canine Principles - Settling Through Scentwork For Highly Aroused Dogs - July 2022

Canine Principles - Clicker Foundations - November 2022

Canine Principles - Rock Solid Recall - February 2023

Canine Principles - Noses For Nature - February 2023

Canine Principles - Canine Coaching Foundations - February 2023

Canine Principles - Puppy Socialisation - October 2023

Kennel Club Obedience Judge - October 2023

School Of Canine Science - Scent For Six - January 2024

CPD (Continuing Professional Development)

Preston Trick Dogs Trainer Accreditation - May 2018

Trevor Cooper Dog Law Seminar - September 2018

Jo Hill Workshop - August 2019, February 2020, April 2022, July 2022

Richard Curtis Heelwork To Music Workshop - November 2019

Craig Ogilvie Interactive Play Workshop - July 2020

Canine First Aid - September 2020

Corinne Wrend Workshop - Monthly from September 2020 - April 2022

Canine Principles - The Dog Rescuers Guide - October 2021

International Bloodhound Training Institute Mantrailing Seminar - November 2021

Jenny Lunn Obedience Workshop - May 2022

PPN Academy  - Border Collie and Unwanted Chasing Behaviours - May 2022

Jo Hill Obedience Workshop - Bi-Monthly from September 2022 - To Present Day

Canine Principles - Predation Substitute Training - February 2023

Canine Principles - Clicking For Resilience - February 2023

Jessica Lewis Obedience Workshop - October 2023

Canine Principles - Canine Loss and Bereavement - October 2023

Canine Principles - Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness - November 2023

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