Breed: Patterdale Terrier

Likes: Sleeping, Eating, Playing with Schwarz, Obedience Training, Digging 

Dislikes: Baths, Chicken Feet, Carrots, Hailstone


Four was born and raised over in Yorkshire and arrived here at Nell and Co in November 2021!

It was not the easiest of weeks here at HQ, as Nell was not particularly fond of him. Schwarz on the other hand adores him! Flint, well, he could take him or leave him.

So far he has spent most of his time learning cool Obedience moves, a couple of tricks, attended puppy class and followed the rest of the crew to weekly Obedience training and competitions!


Top three loves

Fours first love is food!

 Unless its Chicken feet and carrots. He hates those. Any other food, all good! He particularly loves anything Fish and is partial to a bit of fruit. Really handy having a food motivated dog when it comes to training!

Second is Training! 

He loves most training, but especially likes the Obedience. His most favourite parts of training so far are; Send to a mat, present and wide heelwork! 

Third is Chewing!

Chewing anything but especially soft items like cushions and fleece blankets. If you look at any of the blankets at HQ you will notice the edges are no longer straight and have parts of the hem missing! He does also like to chew what's left of the toys that Nell has destroyed and occasionally, if he can find them, Alex' Slippers!

Training and Qualifications

Puppy Class - Preston Trick Dogs - December 2021

Corrine Wrend Workshop - February 2022, March 2022

Preston Trick Dogs Fun Obedience - February 2022