Breed: Bull Terrier (Standard)

Likes: Food, Removing Fours Collar, Digging, Shouting

Dislikes: Rain, Hailstone, Being Washed


Venom was born and Puppy Cultured over in Lincolnshire, by an amazing breeder, and arrived here at Nell and Co in March 2024!

When she arrived, the others were terrified, well, maybe it was a mixture of terror and awe! That quickly changed once she firmly got her feet under the table and now she's taken over the helm. Mostly. She likes to play with Four the most, secretly loves Schwarz, and Flint, he likes the mess she leaves when eating!

She is our Breed Show Dog, who also gets to try her hand at all the othr Dog Sports. So far she has mastered her show stance and running, working on her retrieve, started Mantrailing and had a taster of  Competition Obedience. 


Top three loves

Venoms first love is food!

 All the food.  Doesn't matter if it's for her. Any food, the more the better! She will eat ANYTHING. So far we haven't found something she won't eat!

Second is Training! 

All the training! Especially positions and Mantrailing...because it involves food! But she will have a go at anything, with the usual, full on, Bull Terrier enthusiasm! 

Third is Digging!

Beds, sofas, carpet, sand, the training field... All the digging! We don't know what she's digging for or where to, but she loves it!

Training and Qualifications

Jo Hill Workshop - March 2024, May 2024