Welcome to Nell and Co Dog Training

We know owning a dog can be challenging, which is why we pride ourselves in being non judgemental and work with you and your dog to build your confidence as a team.

If you have struggled with toilet training, you are black and blue from puppy biting, are having lead walking issues including pulling and lead biting, or maybe your dog just seems to have stopped listening. If recall has gone out of the window, your dog has started to destroy things in your home, you can't have guests over because you dog jumps all over them, you can't get them to switch off or,  your dog is a little anxious and struggles in new environments. 

We can help. 

Whether you would like to set yourself up to own the perfect puppy, are struggling through adolescence or have an older dog, we have a programme, enrichment class or workshop that can meet your needs.

We are a fully insured, DBS checked, Qualified Lancashire based Dog trainer, covering Preston, Blackpool and Fylde Coast areas.

We specialise in Obedience and Scentwork, Canine Enrichment, with a special interest in Terrier breeds and offer bespoke One to One Programmes, Group Classes and Group workshops.

We only follow and use the most recent, modern, science backed and proven methods for training, so our training is reward based and force free.

As a qualified Dog Trainer, Kennel Club Obedience Judge, Scentwork and Mantrailing Instructor, we can help you with the basics or build on your current training, teach you to utilise your dogs nose to search for specific scents or teach you as a team to find people for fun!


Our bespoke One to One programmes ensure that you receive the maximum support with your training requirements. 

Puppy, Adolescent, Refresher and Obedience 

Our Puppy, Adolescent and Refresher classes give you all the essential skills you will need to have THE perfect dog.

Our Scentwork classes are designed to teach you how to utilise your dogs senses, get your dog engaging with you, building your bond and confidence as a team, in a relaxed and social atmosphere.

Take your training to the next level with our Tricks Classes! Learn how to shape, lure and capture behaviours and use those skills to teach a range of Tricks, from "Shake A Paw" and "Tidy Your Toys", all the way up "Stacking Cups" and "Hoopla"!

Mantrailing is the fastest growing dog sport in the UK and a great way to add enrichment to you and your dogs lives, expand your social circle, and is open to all breeds, ages and abilities.

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