Group Training

Here at Nell and Co we believe the most productive way for a dog to learn is by using reward based, force free training.

We do not use or advocate using aversive/punishment based training or aversive tools, eg check chains, prong collars, or electric shock collars.

All of our training is based around creating a relationship between you and your dog, making it enjoyable, keeping it fun and rewarding for you both, in a non-judgemental and friendly environment!

Reward based training doesn't mean bribing your dog to do things, it means paying them for the things you want them to do. This doesn't have to be food, it can be their favourite toy, letting them to go off sniffing or even by using other behaviours as rewards.

You like being paid for your work and so does your dog!

Whilst to start with we do try to use food as it is the fastest way that we can help them understand that by doing a certain behaviour, they get something for it, this can be switched out for a toy if they go crazy for a ball or tuggy!

Reward based training is really portable, great for turning training into a game and keeping them interested and engaged with YOU.

We want to help YOU get the best out of your dog, by building engagement, so that you can enjoy working and learning together, keep training rewarding and confidence boosting!

Owning a dog shouldn't feel like a battle, which is why we utilise games, play, tricks and scent games into our sessions and look at building your confidence and teamwork.

Our training and enrichment classes are designed to teach you how to utilise your dogs senses, get your dog engaging with you, confidence as a team, in a relaxed and social atmosphere.

Mantrailing is the fastest growing dog sport in the UK and a great way to add enrichment to you and your dogs lives, expand your social circle, and is open to all breeds, ages and abilities.