One to One Programmes

How our Programme works:

We start with a 30 minute initial consultation. This consultation is so we can look at how you would like to move forwards and what your goals are, so that we can formulate your bespoke training plan. This is then used as the framework for your sessions. 

You then have the option to add on additional sessions, with no obligation to block book once you have completed these.

All sessions must be used within 8 weeks of booking, though we do try to accommodate everyone and have some flexibility with this .

 Examples of what we offer:


Preparing for your puppy coming home to get your house puppy proof and skill yourself up ready for their arrival!

Stopping puppy biting.

Creating a routine to set you up for success.

Enrichment games to help reduce anxiety and build confidence.

 Home sessions for puppies waiting to finish their vaccination course, so that you can start your training early and are set up and ready for when they can take their first steps outdoors.

How to start lead or harness training and get your loose lead walking perfected.

Recall games to get them coming back to you every time.

Recall and Loose Lead Walking

How to get your dog to come back first time

Whistle training and how to teach it

Teaching your dog to listen and to automatically check in

How to use rewards and games to achieve a solid behaviour

Making staying close to you rewarding

Using sniffing as a reward

Improving engagement

Reward placement


How to start Scentwork

Introduction to Tricks

Using enrichment as the reward in your training

Confidence building in anxious dogs

Making your dogs natural traits and instincts work for you

Teach your dog to settle 

dog recall fast towards camera in woodland area
Small black and tan puppy loose lead walking next to owner on a red lead