One to One 

Our bespoke One to One programmes are designed to set you and your dog up for training success.

We feel that both yourself and your dog learn best in an environment they are used to and most comfortable in. This allows you to practice your training and skills and get real time help,  when and where you need it the most.

Whether you require help with settling in your puppy, a change of direction with your adolescent dog or could benefit from some top up training with your older dog, our programmes are tailored to your individual needs and requirements.

Initial Consultation

Our first session is a consultation, lasting for 30 minutes, in your own home, to get know you and your dog and go through what you would like from your sessions, discuss and talk through any training problems or issues you may be having. This is so we have a baseline in which to formulate your bespoke training plan and set you up for success during your follow up sessions.

One to One Sessions

Our one to one sessions last for 45 minutes and implement the skills and training required in your bespoke training plan.

We will also discuss any concerns or additions you may have around the training plan, ensuring you can successfully continue the work between training sessions.

As part of this service we request that you keep progress notes to help identify any patterns in progress or struggles you may be having.

As part of our One to One service you also benefit from weekly WhatsApp support.

WhatsApp Support

This is available immediately after your initial consultation and continues throughout the duration of your sessions. Messages are replied to on a set agreed day between mutually convenient times.

Email Support

Our email support includes pre recorded media to further demonstrate any exercises you have been given as part of your bespoke training plan. This is also a chance to ask any further questions or to keep us updated on your progress!