What is Mantrailing?!

Mantrailing is one of the newer Dog Sports and it's all about You and your Dog working as a team to track down the "Missing person", a little like Hide and Seek!

Not only is it great enrichment for your dog but there is a huge social side to it too! Making it perfect for meeting new people and making long lasting friends!

This is a low impact sport, which unlike some other Dog sports means there is less pressure and stress on your dogs joints. As well as providing physical exercise, Mantrailing also engages your dogs brain and makes them use their nose, giving them an intense mental workout!

All dogs can naturally follow a scent, we just tailor that amazing skill to finding people. 

So if you can't get your dog's nose off the floor, or want to make use if their ability to sniff things out, then this is the PERFECT sport!

It is an all inclusive activity, open to any breed, age and physical ability.

If your dog can be nervous around new people or isn't that great with other dogs, they are welcome to join us on most of our sessions too!

These are group sessions, with only one dog out working at a time, so that everyone has the opportunity to hide, spectate and work their dog.

You are always under full supervision from a fully qualified Mantrailing Instructor. 

You don't need expensive equipment to participate either! All you need is a harness that does not restrict your dogs movement, a long line, two small plastic pots with lids, your dogs favourite food and your dog!

Your dog must be comfortable being left in your vehicle between trails and you are welcome to bring someone with you to keep them company between turns.

We regularly hold Introduction and Progression sessions.

Throughout the year we offer a variety of Special events, so if you dont want to miss out, make sure you follow our Facebook page!

Introduction session


The Introductions are an in depth session which consist of a short theory section covering, how scent works, the methods we use, how we set up the trails, the equipment needed and how to use it, the basics of reading your dogs body language and keeping each trail fun!

This is then followed by the practical, which is made up of three trails, tailored to you and your dog, with a huge reward for them at the end of each trail!

Progression session


These weekly sessions are for anyone who has completed an introduction session with a Mantrailing Instructor and they are tailored according to the skill level of each individual team. You will work on increasing trail complexity, adding in or increasing distractions, different starts and scent articles, different environments and misper presentations.

Mantrailing Themed and Advanced Workshops


These half and full day workshops run frequently throughout the year, and are aimed at those wishing  to advance and improve skills or are just addicted to Mantrailing!

Places are limited to a maximum of 7 and locations vary depending on the theme and time of year. These sessions are open to all dogs, just as with our regular follow on sessions.

The majority of our workshops have a theme. Whether that be Christmas or Halloween, the Queens Jubilee, or a book and film based one!

Each of the trails are tailored to the individual team and if you are working towards any of the progression badges or levels available, we can accommodate those in these sessions too!

You can be certain to challenge and improve upon your skills in one of our friendly and fun workshops!

We advertise all of these sessions on our Social Media pages and places sell out FAST, so be sure you are following us to secure your place!

Mantrailing Assessment Levels


Our Mantrailing Assessments have been designed with the help of our customers, to make them progressive, a little taxing, yet achievable, whether you have just started your Mantrailing journey, or are a seasoned Veteran!

Our levels run from One, which is aimed at those just starting out, all the way up to Ten, which will test even the most experienced teams!

Assessments must be booked in advcance but can be catered for on the majority of our sessions, including our special events.

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